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For as far as I can remember, the surface of the oceans has always exercised a strange fascination on me, like an irrepressible call to discover the unknown and mysterious world that hides below.

The practice of scuba diving was obvious, then very quickly came the desire to document these incredible underwater landscapes and the amazing creatures that we meet there, the need to share all this beauty with « those on the surface », to make them love and protect this very special universe that most of the time they ignore, and sometimes even they fear.

Unlike terrestrial wildlife photography where a telephoto lens is most often used, the physical constraint of the subaquatic environment requires to shoot very close from our subjects. I mainly use a 15mm fisheye lens, working barely a few tens of centimeters from the animals, at least when they accept this interaction…

Today a regular contributor to the French underwater magazine Subaqua, I mainly photograph pelagic marine fauna, with a particular affection for the great misunderstood and unloved of our oceans: sharks.

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